July 31, 2010

Logic Pro 9: Chapter4 Customizing Your Window Setup

"Read your manual – please." (Seven Things You Can Do If You REALLY Want To Become A Better Photographer)

(Waveform Zoom Button)

Zooming the Working Area P.100
⌃⌥← Zoom Horizontal Out
⌃⌥→ Zoom Horizontal In
⌃⌥↑ Zoom Vertical Out
⌃⌥↓ Zoom Vertical In
⌃Z Toggle Zoom to fit Selection or All Contents

Zooming with the Playhead P.101 ***
Click-hold in the lower section of the Bar ruler. > Drag the top of the playhead up or down.

Zooming with the Waveform Zoom Button P.103
To change the zoom level using the Waveform Zoom button.

Understanding Relationships Between Windows P.105
• The playhead position(Catch)
• Other windows(No Link, Same Level Link, or Content Link)

Using Screensets P.114
To create a screenset
1. Press any numerical key except 0; for example, 7.
For two-digit screensets, hold down the Control key while entering the first digit.
2. Arrange your windows, including changes to zoom settings, the relationship of the Arrange
area and editor areas, open or closed Inspector and Media or Lists areas, and so on.

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Logic Pro 9 Advanced Music Production
Logic Pro 9 User Manual(PDF)
Logic Studio Effects Manual(PDF)
Apple Logic Pro Support
Logic Studio アップグレード版(Logic ProまたはLogic Studioユーザ用 ¥21,800
Logic Pro 9 for Macintosh徹底操作ガイド ¥3,675
Protools Shortcut (Mac) その1[波形サイズ表示調整]

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