July 6, 2010

Flex Time: Logic Pro 9

"Flex Time is a collection of tools that allows you to quickly manipulate the timing and tempo of your recording for the tightest performance possible."

[ Flex Modes ]
Slicing: Shifts the audio while playing each slice at its original speed. No time compression or expansion is applied to the shifted audio.
Rhythmic: Time stretches the material, looping audio between slices in order to fill any gaps. For rhythmic guitars, keyboard parts, Loops.
Monophonic: Solo vocals and monophonic solo instruments.
Polyphonic: All kinds of chords—such as guitar, piano, and choir — and also complex mixes.
Tempophone: Emulates the effect of a historical tape-based time-stretching device known as a tempophone.
Speed: Playing the source material faster or slower, including pitch change.

See Flex Time in action (Video)
Logic Pro 9 User Manual (PDF) FlexTime Editing P.525
Logic Studio (NEW) ¥54,800
Logic Studio アップグレード版(Logic ProまたはLogic Studioユーザ用)¥21,800
Logic Studio アップグレード版(Logic Expressユーザ用)¥31,800

Pro Tools Elastic Time (Video)

"音楽的な問題は音楽的に解決し、エンジニアリングの問題はエンジニアリングで解決するべき" マッセンバーグ氏のセミナー by 丸井綜研

"新たなブレークスルーを成し遂げられるのは、それを「使いこなせる」人間ではなくて、「使いこなそうとする」人間だということである。" by 痛い目みてなんぼ

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