August 2, 2010

Logic Pro 9: Chapter5 Navigating Your Project

Logic Pro 9 User Manual(PDF) P.119 -

To place the playhead in the Bar ruler
• When one ruler is displayed, click a position in the lower half of the Bar ruler.
• When two rulers are displayed, click a position in the top half of the Bar ruler.

Setting the Playhead at a Marker P.122
• Click anywhere on the marker while holding down the Option key.
To begin playback at the start of a marker
• Command-double-click the marker, while Logic Pro is stopped.

Using Cycle Mode P.127
Cycle Mode key command, default assignment: C

To define a cycle
• Drag the mouse from left to right in the top part of the Barruler.

( Defining a Cycle with Regions or Events P.131 )

( Defining a Cycle with Markers P.132 )

Customizing the Transport Bar P.135 ***
Control-click (or right-click) the Transport bar, and choose Customize Transport Bar from the menu.

Using a Giant SMPTE or Bar Display P.139
To replace the standard Transport bar display area with a SMPTE or bar display
• Control-click(orright-click)the Transport bar display area, and choose BigBar Display or Big SMPTE Display.

Customizing the Bar, SMPTE, and Tempo Display P.141
Choose Logic Pro > Preferences > Displays [Display SMPTE]

Logic Pro 9: Chapter6 Working with Markers >>>

Logic Studio Effects Manual(PDF)
Apple Logic Pro Support
Logic Studio アップグレード版(Logic ProまたはLogic Studioユーザ用) ¥21,800
Logic Pro 9 for Macintosh徹底操作ガイド ¥3,675

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