July 15, 2010

Waves UM226: Stereo to Surround processors

+ Available separately or in 360º Surround Tools and Waves Mercury. by Waves
+ Waves V6 Update 2を当てることで、Logic Pro 8.0.2でWavesのサラウンド系プラグインが使用可能に 2008-12-04 by Sounduno

Quickstart Guide Logic Pro UM225 / UM226 Manual (PDF)
1. Place your stereo file on a stereo track.
2. Assign its output to the surround output or bus as required.
3. From the Insert menu, choose UM226.
*Please note that Logic must be set to Universal Track Mode - On

Waves UM226
Waves 360° Surround Tools
tc electronic UnWrap: Stereo to 5.1 Up-conversion


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