July 26, 2010

Logic Pro 9: Chapter3 Overview of the Logic Pro Interface

"Read your manual – please." (Seven Things You Can Do If You REALLY Want To Become A Better Photographer)

Logic Pro 9 User Manual(PDF) P.51 -
Toolbar, at the top of the window
Transportbar, at the bottom of the window
Editing area, horizontally tiled, below the Arrange area
Media, Notes, or Lists area, vertically tiled, right of the Arrange(and editing)area
Inspector, vertically tiled, left of the Arrange(and editing)area

Shortcut Menus P.58
Right-click functionality is dependent on the Right Mouse Button:
Opens Shortcut Menu option being chosen in the Logic Pro > Preferences > General > Editing pane.
( Optimize Your Mouse: OS X > System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > [Secondary Button] )

Using the Computer Keyboard P.85 ***
You can access most Logic Pro functions with key commands. (Same as Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts.)
E :Toggle Event List
X :Toggle Mixer
B :Toggle Bin
F :Toggle File Browser
Z :Toggle Zoom to fit Selection or All Contents
H :Toggle Hide View
⌥M :Toggle Marker List
I :Hide/Show Inspector
V :Hide/Show All Plug-in Windows
A :Hide/Show Track Automation

Logic Pro 9: Chapter4 Customizing Your Window Setup>>>

Logic Studio Effects Manual(PDF)
Apple Logic Pro Support
Logic Studio アップグレード版(Logic ProまたはLogic Studioユーザ用) ¥21,800
Logic Pro 9 for Macintosh徹底操作ガイド ¥3,675
Logic Studio Surround MultiMeter Logic Pro サラウンド・マルチメーター
Protools Shortcut (Mac) その1[波形サイズ表示調整]
Pro ToolsとMacのショートカットと覚え書き by M-AQUA

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