August 20, 2010

Sound Library:Beach Waves 砂浜の波

Beach Waves, Sea of Japan
<a href="">Beach Waves by Surround2011</a>
Description:Wave sand beach 砂浜の波
2010-08-19 Kahoku city, Ishikawa, Japan > Photo
File name:S00184a_st.wav
Recorder:Behringer B-5(cardioid) + Fostex FR-2LE(Stereo,96kHz24Bit) edited by Logic Studio
Sound Effects for Download / Beach Waves

Waves and Bike 相模湾の波(Surround) **
Ripples on a Seashore 2 海岸のさざなみ2
Waves Kamakura Japan 鎌倉の波
Winter wave 冬の波
Sounds of Wave

伝説の島 〜 沖縄(M-3 西表島~月ヶ浜1) by 中田 悟
Wave - 音惑星(M-6 沖縄・石垣島・米原) by 岡田 晴夫
Ocean Dreams by Gordon Hempton
Amami by ジョー奥田
DPA 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone 録音サンプル & 写真 by ONPa toku
Palau by Listen to the Earth (バイノーラル)が大変参考になります。

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