August 16, 2010

Logic Pro 9: Chapter7 Working with Projects

Logic Pro 9 User Manual(PDF) P.159 -

Creating Projects P.160
It is recommended that you select the Include Assets checkbox, as this makes the
project “safe” allowing you to move or copy the project folder without losing any file
references that point to items within the folder.

Opening and Creating Projects Automatically P.166
You can configure Logic Pro to open or create projects automatically on startup by
choosing a startup action in the
Logic Pro > Preferences > General > Project Handling
+ Do Nothing
+ Open Most Recent Project
+ Open Existing Project
+ Create New Project from Template
+ Create New Empty Project
+ Create New Project Using Default Template

Importing Data and Settings from Other Projects P.167
Click the Browser tab in the Media area or Choose File > Import
+ Track region or folder content
+ Plug-ins (including settings)
+ Sends (including level, routing, and destination channel strips)
+ Input/Output assignments
+ Automation data
+ Track notes

Importing Settings from Another Project P.173
File > Project Settings > Import Project Settings

Setting Project Properties P.175
+ Setting the Sample Rate **
File > Project Settings > Audio

To match a file’s sample rate with the project sample rate **
+ Audio Bin’s Copy/Convert File(s) command

Setting the Project Tempo P.176

Handling Project Assets P.182 ***
File > Project Settings > Assets

Cleaning Up Projects P.184
File > Project > Clean

Consolidating Project Settings P.184
If your project contains files that are not in the correct sub-folders within the project folder, you can use the Consolidate command to automatically organize them in to the standardized project file structure.
File > Project > Consolidate

Automatic Backup Files P.186
Logic Pro > Preferences > General > Project Handling

Reverting to the Saved Version P.187
This replaces the current project with the previously saved version.
File > Revert to Saved

To save a project as a template P.188
File > Save as Template
The (template) project is saved in the ~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Project Templates folder.

Logic Pro 9: Chapter8 Basic Operations (Key Commands / Shortcut) >>

Logic Pro 9 User Manual(PDF)
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