May 21, 2010

Surround Sound Effects:Futagoyama Bird after Birds

<a href="">Futagoyama Bird after Birds by Surround2011</a>
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2010-05-16 We went to Zushi city, Kanagawa, Japan for Surround Field Recording.
We start field recording as making presentation for surround sound. Now we realise that most difficult surround field recording is birds chorus in the forest. It is a little more and is entering the rainy season. There is a chance only for few days.

Stream Yakushima By Satoru Nakada: Touchstone of Field Recording
野鳥を録る—野鳥録音の方法と楽しみ方 フィールドレコーディングの参考書
" Noise Reduction " 11 Field Recording Tips By Andrew Lackey ***
iZotope RX Audio restoration software

Memo:Log(Photo, GPS, Memo, クレジット)をきちんと収集すること。失敗にヒントが有る? 同じ労力でアウトプットの質を上げるには?みんなで行くと(野鳥は逃げるけれど)いろいろな発見がり面白い。

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