May 11, 2010

Wild Birds in Forest:Surround Sound Effects for Download

Futagoyama Forest Reverb 2
<a href="">Futagoyama Forest Reverb 3 by Surround2011</a>
Description:Futagoyama Forest Reverb 3
2010-05-16 Zushi city, Kanagawa, Japan
Recorder:SHURE SM94 + Saffire PRO 26 i/o + MacBook + Logic Studio (Surround, 96kHz24Bit)

Download for iPod "Zushi sound map"
Download (mp3 Surround, 7.2MB) *1
Download (dts-cd Surround, 53.2MB) *2
Download (WAVE Surround, Split, 48kHz24Bit, 190.7MB)
Download (WAVE Surround, Interleaved, 96kHz24Bit, 521.1MB)

1: mp3 Surround Player
2: You burn it to a CD-R (Redbook Audio) as you would any other audio file. It requires a DTS decoder to listen to it.

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