October 12, 2010

Favorite Field Recordist Part.3:フィールドレコーディングのおすすめサイト3

" I love how the density of the insect sounds just suddenly drops off and gives way to some distant bird calls. It’s amazing how a recording can just transport you back in time... "
Chetek, Wisconsin Revisited / fieldsepulchra (Michael Raphael)

収音方式 [ステレオ編]
Schoeps: M/S Stereo Set
Neumann: RSM 191 A Set (stereo microphone system)
beyerdynamic M160(Hypercardioid) & M130(figure eight)
Dual M-S Array with Rycote zeppelin by Greg Weddig
Favorite Field Recordist Part.1
Favorite Field Recordist Part.2

Memo: Fieldsepulchra's (M/S Stereo) recording makes us remind that not only SURROUND field recording can captuer 3D sound. [One more thing] " It is helpful to keep in mind the relative importance of factors to good sound recording. "(11 Field Recording Tips)

How about our Surround field recording with Zoom H2?

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