October 6, 2010

SurroundCup2010 Day2: Stream and an Airoplane pt.2

<a href="http://surround2011.bandcamp.com/track/stream-and-an-airoplane-pt-2">Stream and an Airoplane pt.2 by Surround2011</a>
Description: Stream and an Airoplane pt.2
2010-10-02 Zushi city, Kanagawa, Japan > Photo
Recorder:Zoom H4n with Audio-Technica BP4025 (Surround,48kHz24Bit) edited by Logic Studio
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I recorded a stream in a forest with H4n, a portable recorder.
It sounds like raining, doesn't it? it was a sunny day, I found an airoplane in the sky.

SurroundCup2010 Day1:Forest Night Walk
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