October 23, 2010

Movie with 5.1ch Surround HD-Audio Streaming by Netflix

米大手オンラインDVDレンタルのNetflix社ではオンライン動画配信サービスに「Dolby Digital Plus」を採用し、AppleTVやPlayStation3などで楽しめる最大7.1chのHDオーディオでの動画ストリーミングの提供を開始しました。


Dolby Digital Plus Benefits
-Delivers superior audio quality for a richer surround sound experience
-Enables up to 7.1 channels of theatre-quality sound
-Unlocks the full audio potential from Blu-ray Discs, HD broadcast, and streamed and downloaded media
-Ensures that you hear audio precisely as it was intended
Dolby Digital Plus
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