October 1, 2010

Waves on a Saw​​-​​toothed coast 岩手県 陸前高田市の静かな波

<a href="http://surround2011.bandcamp.com/track/waves-on-the-saw-toothed-coast">Waves on the Saw&#8203;-&#8203;toothed coast by Surround2011</a>
2010-01-30 Rikuzentakata City, Iwate, Japan
Recorder:Zoom H2(Surround,48kHz 24Bit) edited by Logic Studio
Sound Effects for Download / Waves on a Saw​​-​​toothed coast

岩手県 太平洋 リアス式海岸の冬の波。

Winter wave at Sea of Japan
Sound of Waves
After the Tsunami [Photo] 2011-06-19

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