October 5, 2010

SurroundCup2010 Day2:Forest Murmuring Stream

<a href="http://surround2011.bandcamp.com/track/murmuring-stream">Murmuring Stream by Surround2011</a>
2010-10-02 Zushi city, Kanagawa, Japan
Recorder:Beringer B5(Stereo,96kHz24Bit) + Edirol R-44 Edit by Logic Studio
[Download(mp3,FLAC,Apple Lossless)] Murmuring Stream

SurroundCup2010 Day2 At Zushiでした。

Of satisfaction were recorded.
Could SurroundCup2010 Day2 At Zushi.
Babbling to focus on for sound pickup.
I wanted to go to the sound of waves recorded from Hayama, so I tired to attempt next time.
Hiking, trail running, walking and meeting people with dogs, I felt good vibes
The climate is just good. Entering the woods, very good feeling to cool. Very good place.
I wanted to go to the sound of waves recorded from Hayama, so I tired to attempt next time.

耳乗せ型HeadphoneはField RecoringやDJ等の密閉状態じゃないと厳しい時は効果的だが、編集作業の時は使わない方が良い事に気づいた。耳乗せは空間の距離感、定位がわからない。音色、輪郭、音圧ばかりに気を取られてしまう。耳の中が真空状態になってしまうため。密室音楽には逆に向いてるかも。

Forest was great. Also enjoyed colorful members. There also they increase the amount of water it's been raining for a reasonable amount of water had been, on favorable terms could be included.
It was a new set of Zushi Station at 7:00, maybe I better go soon this early, right? ? The plane was flying from the streak.
There is no recording equipment and specs. What is important is what I think or Recording.
Recorder you to have two cars, (H2 array systems and handheld, etc.) begin to turn one, and recorded in a different flow, handy to use time wisely.
Since the array have different characteristics and handy, during location hunting, you may neglect to pick up the sound field suited to the characteristics of each other.
If you have R-44 as a separate input need not necessarily align the volume dutifully. If you want to edit the assumption that, even as the volume that can be included depending on the situation Mixing was feeling better. Output included a series of tasks while thinking about ranging.
LCR panning of the sound and strictly Ritai in touch, turned out to be very good results.
Spend enough time miking the patient. No sense turning fast too soon.
Even the windshield does not mean a sponge.
Headphone ear type lift is a tough time with DJ and Field Recoring and closed state but not effective when the editing is better not to use things I noticed. Ear space carrying a sense of distance, orientation is not known. Tone, contour, they are just distracted by the sound pressure. To become a vacuum state inside the ear. Maybe I'm behind closed doors facing the music in reverse.
QuickTime sound not good. Unlike too much play in Logic. If you are familiar with in the high-resolution recording, playback devices and formats so there are too many people are completely different sound (different sound from the product but well duh) and be careful of many things that affect the quality of Output thing. Amount of information became more minutes, now better understand the difference.


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Thank you for carrying heavy water.

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