April 7, 2010

Surround Field Recording at Kita-Kamakura

2010-04-03 Surround Field Recording at Kitakamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

3 April Sat 11 pm Location Hunting and Recording Started.
End of the Recording was 4 April Sun 8 am.
Pedometer: 11,489

Zoom H2
Zoom H4n
Edirol R-44
Saffaire Pro
Mac Book
Multi Mic Array
Sennheiser HD-25
Shure SM94-LC *5

Zoom H2:48khz/24bit
Zoom H4n:96khz/24bit
Saffaire Pro:96khz/24bit

Weather: Cloud
Temperature: 8 degree
Wind: Thin

Bird's activation: Only 30 minutes From Sunrise A lot of Bird's were Cheerfully Singing!
<a href="http://surround2011.bandcamp.com/track/steram-shishimai-valley-01">Steram Shishimai valley #01 流れ 獅子舞の谷 by Surround2011</a>

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