February 15, 2010

Surround Sound Effects:Chime on the bridge 夕方のチャイム

Chime at evening
<a href="http://surround2011.bandcamp.com/track/chime-with-eighth-note-delay">Chime with eighth note delay by Surround2011</a>
Description:Chime with eighth note delay
2010-02-06@Tokyo, Japan > Photo
Recorder:SHURE SM94 + Saffire PRO 26 i/o + MacBook + Logic Studio
File name:S00128a.wav
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Ginza 4choume intersection 銀座4丁目交差点 サイレン
Ginza Wako clock tower 和光の時計塔
Evening chime at Kachidoki 夕方のチャイム
Zoom H4n Test recording Day4 銀座和光のの時計台 2009-03-02
Times Square New York Surround Sound Effects

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