January 22, 2011

The cicada symphony 蝉時雨のオーケストラ

Description:The cicada symphony in the Inujima(island) wood
2009-08-18 Inujima (Inu-island), Seto Inland Sea, Okanyama, Japan
Recorder:KORG MR-1 (Stereo,44.1kHz24Bit)


Temple bell sound: 1/fゆらぎの不思議 峰の薬師 鐘の音 2010-03-21 by aviy
Temple Bell with Buddhist sutra on New Year's Eve 除夜の鐘とお経とあられ 高岡・勝興寺
Countdown to New Year 2011 > View map サラウンドゆく年くる年2011
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