January 8, 2011

BRITTEN'S ORCHESTRA / Michael Stern & Kansas City Symphony [Hybrid SACD]: 53rd Grammy Awards Best Surround Sound Album nominee

" 自然な形でサラウンドで広がった作品です。 "
第53回グラミー賞サラウンド部門ノミネート作品レビュー by サラウンド寺子屋

" This "Prof. Johnson" Surround sound recording exceeded all my expectations! " by jeff3948

" This recording has excellent, wide ranging sound with good dynamic range and excellent imaging (in multichannel SACD). " by Peter Barach

Keith O. Johnson, surround mix engineer; Keith O. Johnson, surround mastering
engineer; David Frost, surround producer
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Recorded at Community of Christ Auditorium

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Keith O. Johnson -- high definition / high fidelity audio pioneer MIX
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第53回 グラミー賞サラウンド部門ノミネート作品リスト
サラウンド入門:第4章 サラウンド音場のデザイン

1: Photo from http://peace.maripo.com/p_community_of_christ.htm
2: Photo from Inner sleeve

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