August 18, 2009

Surround Sound Effects Chirping of cicadas & stream セミ(ひぐらし)と流れ

<a href="">Chirping of cicadas &amp; Stream by Surround2011</a>
Description:Chirping of cicadas & stream セミ(ひぐらし)と流れ
2009-08-18@Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
File name:S00105a2
Recorder:Multichannel Microphone Array + Edirol R-44*2 (Surround, 96kHz24Bit)
Sound Effects for Download / Stereo / WAVE Surround

2009-08-04@梅の木平 < How to Surround Sound field recording
Sounds of summer
夜明けのひぐらし by 土方裕雄


jgrzinich said...

really nice recording. I wish I could be there. -John

M said...

Thanks John!

This is a japan's summer ambience!!

Thank you for your comment!!!