September 9, 2010

Surround Sound Effects: Ringing a Bell Surprises Cicadas 鐘を鳴らせば蝉が驚く

<a href="">Ringing a Bell Surprises Cicadas by Surround2011</a>
Description: Ringing a Bell Surprises Cicadas
2010-08-28 Hachioji city, Tokyo, Japan > Photo
File name:S00185b
Recorder:Zoom H4n + Audio-Technica BP4025 (Surround,48kHz24Bit) edited by Logic Studio
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Download (WAVE Surround, 48kHz24Bit, 75.8MB)
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Sound Library:Chirping of Insects in Summer 夏の虫の鳴き声
Temple bell sound: 1/fゆらぎの不思議 峰の薬師 鐘の音
Sound Library:Shrine Bell 初詣 神社の鐘
Sound of SUMMER

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1 comment:

soundslikenoise said...

Wow - this is a really beautiful recording. Such a nice combination of sounds, the cicadas and the bell, and an interesting interplay between them. The bell adds a nice touch of "exotica" for those of us who aren't in Japan.