September 27, 2010

Sound Library:Sound of Water 水の音

<a href="">Sound of Water by Surround2011</a>
Description:Sound of Water
2010-09-18 Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan > Photo
Recorder:Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR + Zoom H4n (Stereo,96kHz 24Bit)
Edited by Digidesign Protools

サラウンドカップ2010 Day1で水中マイクを使って録音をしました。水の音です。

Sound Library Underwater sound Nikko 日光の水中の流れ
Sound Effects Underwater sound Hinohara 檜原村の水中の流れ
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hydrophone recording #2 by John Grzinich
Dispersion of Sound Waves in Ice Sheets & Updated by Andreas Bick
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水中マイク(Hydrophone)Bookmarks:サラウンド 水中マイク(Hydrophone)など
Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR 水中マイク
Sounds of Underwater


Anonymous said...

here are some underwater sample of a sound installation in Venice

Enrico Ascoli

Matsuoka said...

hi enrico,

i like your sound.
i can show you more underwater sounds in tokyo if you want to.

thanks for the comment.
Sho Matsuoka