September 25, 2010

DSD Field Recording at amazon by Saidera Mastering

You can download WSD(DSD) file and AAC.
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password: 0354106789 (Limited period of one week)
Original post by Saidera Mastering Blog

How to make a DSD Disc by
KORG MR1000 Mobile and DSD Recorder
Direct-Stream Digital (DSD) - Wikipedia
How to play DSD?
Use DSD recorder(as a player), Make DSD Disk then play by Sony SCD-XE800 or PS3.
HiRes Download (DXD, DSD) - test bench by 2L

Sound Library:Singing Cricket 4 (PCM,Stereo,96kHz24Bit)
<a href="">Singing Cricket 4 by Surround2011</a>

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