December 31, 2010

Winter Thunder 3:Countdown to New Year 2011 冬の雷3:サラウンドゆく年くる年

2010-12-31 Ishikawa, Japan

2010-12-31 Kahoku, Ishikawa, Japan
Recorder:Zoom H2 (Stereo,96kHz24Bit) edited by Logic Studio
Sound Effects for Download / Winter Thunder 3 (MP3,Flac,Apple Lossless)
* Please use speaker or headphone that can play BASS.

Countdown to New Year 2011 > View map
Snowboarding スノーボードに行ってきました 2010-02-07
Sound of Snow with Hydrophone 水中マイクで雪の音を録音
48hour! last season! サラウンドゆく年くる年イベント開催のお知らせ
Sound Material > Energy > 05 雷鳴 by Sound Lab. ( Haruo Okada ) *
新潟の冬 by ONPa toku 屋根の雪が落ちる音、ブルトーザー 除雪音

" Buy a cheap handy recorder. You can get terrific results with cheap handheld recorders like the Zoom H2." 11 Field Recording Tips by Andrew Lackey

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