December 6, 2010

Italian Restaurant, Tokyo #FieldRecording #SFX #SoundDesign

2010-12-03 Tokyo, Japan

Description: Italian Restaurant Ambience, Bistro
2010-12-03 Tokyo, Japan
Recorder:Zoom H2 (Surround,48kHz24Bit) edited by Logic Studio
File name:S00203a_st.wav
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" 音の旅ではある一定の時間、一カ所に静かにたたずんで収録します。すると旅自体の時間もゆったりして、その場の空気感も身体に入ってくるのです。また旅から戻っ て音を聴き返してみると、実にありありとその場の風景や雰囲気が心に浮かんでくる驚き。" Sound Lab. by Haruo Okada

" Buy a cheap handy recorder: Tuck this little thing in your bag and grab all those great door creaks, printer paper jams, and car alarms happening in your world. " 11 Field Recording Tips by Andrew Lackey

" Experiment. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. " Seven Things You Can Do If You REALLY Want To Become A Better Photographer

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