June 12, 2010

Audio restoration software: iZotope RX

[ After Audio Restoration & Edit ]
1) iZotope RX's [Denoiser]
2) Logic Studio's [Gain, Linear Phase EQ(Channel)/MultMeter, Down Mixer 5.1 To Stereo(Master)]
3) Edit
4) Fade in & Fade out
<a href="http://surround2011.bandcamp.com/track/umenokidaira-bird">Umenokidaira Bird by Surround2011</a>

[ Before Edit ]
<a href="http://surround2011.bandcamp.com/track/bird-without-restoration">Bird without Restoration by Surround2011</a>

iZotope RXをアマゾンで購入する
iZotope RX: key features compatibility Windows (XP, x64, Vista) Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Universal Binary)
iZotope Tutorial Video:Denoiser **
" 10) Noise Reduction " 11 Field Recording Tips By Andrew Lackey
Of Noise and Crows by Noise Jockey
iZotope RX 価格以上の強力なノイズ除去と復元機能 by 藤本健のDigital Audio Laboratory 2008-08-11

Apple - Logic Studio
Waves Z-Noise
Adobe Audition 3.0 日本語版 Windows版 > Adaptive Noise Reduction エフェクト

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