January 4, 2010

Sound Library:Snow falling 雪の降る音

Description:Snow falling 雪の降る音 (No sound on video)
2010-01-03@Ishikawa, Japan > Photo
File name:S00120a_st.mp3
Recorder:Aquarian H2a-XLR *2 + Fostex FR-2LE
* Please Listen the sound as small as possible. できるだけ小さな音でお聞き下さい。

[ Download (MP3 Stereo) ]

Spectral analysis by Sonic Visualiser:S00120a_st_NoEQ.wav

フィールドレコーディング機材:Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR 水中マイク
Sound of Snow with Hydrophone 水中マイクで雪の音を録音 2010-02-01
Underwater sound
Sounds of winter
屋根の雪が落ちる音 by ONPa toku

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