January 31, 2010

Sound Library:Sensoji Temple 浅草寺

Description:Walk through shopping mall, Wind bells, PA 浅草仲見世商店街(移動しながら)
2010-01-28@Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan > Photo
File name:S00124b_st.mp3
Recorder:Behringer B-5 + Fostex FR-2LE

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Description:Chozuya (water ablution pavilion) 手水舎
File name:S00124a_st.mp3

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Description:Coin tossing, reading of the sutras, Drums 賽銭箱
File name:S00124c_st.mp3

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Description:Stand in Crowds at shopping mall, Wind bells 浅草仲見世商店街(静止して)
File name:S00124d_st.mp3

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Description:Paper fortune おみくじ
File name:S00124e_st.mp3

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Memo:サラウンド フィールド レコーディングのためのロケハンです。

Durms at Songgwang Temple in Korea 太鼓の音
Shrine Bell: Test binaural recording (Audio sample)
Sound Library:Shrine Bell 初詣 神社の鐘 2010-01-01
加茂神社の鐘 2009-01-02
Shinto Shrine Bells (Binaural) By evala

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