November 7, 2010

How to set "Stereo Pan Depth"

Logic Pro 9: File > Project Settings > Audio / Pan Law (0dB, -3dB, -3dB compensated)
+ Apply Pan Law Compensation to Stereo Balancers: For compatibility purposes, this checkbox is selected by default for all older projects opened in Logic Pro 9.
Logic Pro 9 User Manual (PDF) P.1232 -

Pro Tools 9: Setup > Session (-2.5dB, -3dB, -4.5dB, -6.0dB)
+ For greater than stereo formats (such as 5.1), all surround output panning is fixed at -3.0dB. The variable pan depth options are only available for stereo outputs.
Pro Tools Reference Guide v90 (PDF) P.929 -

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Read your manual – please.
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Memo:バージョンの違うプロジェクト・セッションファイルを開くときに確認すること。(Cubese, Nuendo, Digital Performerについて調べること。)

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